Using T-Mobile Internationally



U.S. cellular carriers are thankfully getting on board with our tendencies and desires to travel the world with our phones, laptops and tablets.

Gone are the days of outrageous pay-per-gigabyte rates, limited roaming carrier agreements and poor options from cell carriers. Now two of the big four U.S. carriers are offering some sort of free international roaming, with the other two coming around to friendlier pricing and fewer restrictions on data usage.

Even prepaid carriers are getting in on the action with some international calling plans.




Best postpaid international roaming carrier, according to NerdWallet.


I have T-Mobile, and I was pleasantly surprised when I called customer service  regarding my upcoming trip to Bali, Indonesia. I hadn’t realized the extra international perks were already included in my plan.

Actucally, for most countries, T-Mobile is where it’s at. The carrier includes unlimited texting and 2G data in more than 140 countries with their T-Mobile One plan. Talk costs only 20 cents per minute, which is still a relative bargain compared with other international voice rates.

They offers free international data roaming when traveling to over 140 countries worldwide! But it comes with a slight caveat — speeds are limited to 2G, much slower than what we are all used to back home. But hey, it’s free! No need to worry about plan upgradess or unlocking your phone.




With T-Mobile One plan, it costs a flat $70/month, but if you use less than 2G of data during a monthly cycle, T-Mobile will credit you $10.

If you can’t go without high-speed data for your trips, you can upgrade to T-Mobile One Plus for an extra $5 per month. This upgrades your international roaming data speeds to 3G.

However, I found the 2G adequate for my needs in Bali and I found plenty of free wi-fi options in Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Ubud. I was actually surprised at the cell coverage while traveling all over the southern and eastern portions of Bali. And it was just plain convenient to not have to pay more money, hunt down a compatible SIM card or switch to a prepaid phone.


Mexico & Canada


In Mexico and Canada, you get access to your unlimited 4G LTE, plus unlimited talk and text, all included with your T-Mobile One cell plan.


Few other cell carriers comes close to beating that.



Free Netflix Anyone?


T-Mobile ONE™ family plans include Netflix on us. 2+ lines required