The Countdown to Freedom App

Good Morning Everyone!


Thanks to Clark Howard, I discovered this cool new App that I wanted to share with all of you that allows you to convert your finanical independence goals into an actual countdown clock!





I hope that people get a better grasp on the little things [with Pretirement]. It’s one thing to spend the time to crunch the numbers when you are buying a new car, but it’s the small things, like a music service subscription for $12 a month, that provide significant difference.

Some [expenditures] have small benefit to you – instantaneous, like a cup of coffee – but are really costly long-term.

– from an interview with the app’s creator, Danny Murphy, with Reuters.

Because, time equals money and money equals time. The Pretirement App makes it simple and converts money into time. More specifically, it converts the money you save and spend into its overall true cost. Whenever considering a purchase, just open up Pretirement and find out what it will really cost you.




Using some basic financial information such as: how much money you already have saved, how much money you plan to save on an annual basis and how much you think you will spend when you are retired. Then it calculates how long you will have to keep working to generate the income you will need when you retire – down to the seconds, which keep ticking away…. You get an actual countdown to your financial independence (FI)!


Hopefully that date is not too far away, but if it is, Pretirement can help you stay motivated so you can save more money, spend less and reach financial independence earlier!


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“A financial independence app that instantly converts spending or savings decisions into days, weeks, or years of your life.”


You can then input a specific change to your current saving/spending routine, and it will show you the impact to your FI date.


For example, you can see how big (or small) an impact such as cutting out your daily $5 Starbuck’s coffee, or dropping $35K on a brand new car!


The math is actually pretty basic to determine asset allocation (ie there’s no Monte Carlo simulations), but the numbers appear spot-on accurate.


It’s overall fun and easy to use!


And, the great news is that it is free to download and use and available on Apple IOS and Android!


And, according to Pretirement, I will reach FI in 10 years and 23 days! That’s 5 years earlier than I thought!