Quarterly Blog Income Report

Income Report


This is going to be my first income report for this blog.

I want to be transparent as possible. As you have probably noticed, some of my posts have affliate links and ads.

I try to keep to these to a minimum, but my ultimate goal is to create a small second income stream from this blog.

I try to provide accurate information on personal finance and investing, but it may not apply directly or work for your individual situation. I am not a financial advisor and I recommend you consult with a financial professional before making any serious financial decisions.

I may make money from affiliate relationships with companies that I believe in personally.  Most of the companies I have relationships with, I have used their products and services personally. I am very selective about the companies I choose to partner with and do not accept paid content or endorsement articles. I believe strongly in providing genuine high quality content to my readers and followers.

As of total, my total income from affiliates and media ads for April to June is : $36.69! 

Not bad for my first quarter and first blog!