My Energy Bill is Under $50 This Month!

I am sure someone out there could easily beat me with a lower energy bill, but I am super excited that my bill came in under $50 this month.

It’s a grand total of $46.02. My gas and electric are combined into one bill. It was my goal to reduce energy costs this upcoming Spring and Summer and see how low I could get my energy costs. 

I live in a 1,000 square foot condo, and I have never seen my energy bill less than $50.

Of course, I write this at the same time it has been snowing all day here in Colorado, with more coming tomorrow! Which, is typical for Colorado if you aren’t familiar with our crazy weather swings. So, I did have to turn my heat back on this morning. I really thought I was done with needing the heat on.

But, it also helps that I haven’t had to turn my AC on at all this year yet (although some of my neighbors already have). And, with current weather like today, I hope I can withhold turning it on til at least June.

Since, I have lived in my condo, I have never had an energy bill less than $50. Last month I almost accomplished my goal – my bill was $52.43.

In addition to saving money, I am a big advocate of energy savings to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Little things I have done to save energy include:

  • Changing all my lightbulbs to LED bulbs (even insanely going as far as changing the ones in the fridge). In part, I did this because LED last longer and I cringe at the sound of a lightbulb burning out and I hate changing them frequently. This can be costly in the beginning to do, since LEDs cost more, but I think the energy savings, brighter light provided and added convenience of not having to change anymore lightbulbs make it worth it.

  • Switching out the thermostat to a programmable one when I first moved in. I never want to live without a programmable thermostat again.

  • Setting my heat to 67 degrees when I am home. Down to 62 degrees at night and when I am away.

  • Installing a ceiling fan in my master bedroom. I should have done this a lot sooner. It helps me keep nice and cool at night and this has helped immensely in preventing the need for the AC on so far this year.

  • Running major appliances like the dryer and dishwasher at night.

Anyway, short and sweet post! I just really wanted to share my (silly) accomplishment!

Thanks for reading!