Kendrick Lamar Gets a Thumbs Up!

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar, a famous American rapper and songwriter, gifted his sister a car for her high school graduation this summer.

The problem? Well, there isn’t one (in my opinion).

He bought a brand new Toyota Camry for his little sister.

And, he deserves a thumbs up.

Instead, he has in turn received a lot hate and flack for it on social media for it. Critics citing he could afford to buy his sister a much more expensive car than a $23,000 base model.

Which, according to his estimated net worth, he could easily afford to buy her a luxury car. He could probably buy his whole family a fleet of luxury cars, but where would that leave him then?

Probably broke.

Plus, his little sister doesn’t need a BMW or a Mercedes.

She is still a teenager, a recent high school graduate, barely an adult.

Kids need to be taught about money from an early age, and we are teaching them all the wrong lessons if we start giving kids and teens expensive toys and cars (even if we can afford it).

Kids need to learn the value of a dollar, and I believe Kendrick Lamar is teaching his sister a valuable lesson about money and life.

Lamar is also doing himself a favor by managing his wealth in a conservative way.

Thumbs up and ‘Round of Applause, Kendrick!!