Let’s Start a Small House Movement (Not Tiny)


Tiny houses may be super trendy right now, but small houses are actually the smarter and better home solutions for many people and families.

Tiny houses might have inspired dozens of how-to websites, a few HGTV shows, admiring pins, and earnest documentaries. But small houses (500-1000 sq. feet) are also gaining in popularity.

I recently attended the US Department of Energy’s 2017 Solar Decathlon in Denver, CO, where 12 US and International University teams competed to design and build solar-powered, technologically advanced homes. Continue reading “Let’s Start a Small House Movement (Not Tiny)”


Ready to be a First Time Home Buyer? Here’s What You Need to Know

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First Time Home Buyer

If you’re finally ready to make probably the biggest financial move of your adult life and buy a home, then CONGRATULATIONS!

This is one the most exciting (and scary) adventures of being an adult.

Start here to help you along the way and make sure your finances are in-line and where you need them to be. Start your journey with these seven important steps:

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DIY House Projects – Bathroom Cabinet Edition

I bought my condo in 2015 and I was not in-love with any of the cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen (same throughout). So, I decided the most cost-effective way to change them would be to paint them.

I started with the spare bathroom first, mainly because if I screwed up no would see there is less square footage of cabinets in there.

I bought Giani Nuvo kit in Titanium White. I absolutely love white cabinets – I think they are so timeless.

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When Most Millennials Rent, I Bought A House

When most Millennials rent, I decided to buy a house at the age of 28.

I actually bought a 2-bed, 2-bath condo in September of 2015. I decided a condo was much more practical to own than a traditional single-family house. I have a HOA that takes care of all lawn maintenance and snow removal. So, my days off aren’t wasted spent mowing a lawn, pulling weeds or shoveling a large driveway of 10 inches of snow (I live in Colorado, and I love snow but hate shoveling it).

I am not the typical millennial in this case. Most millennials rent and have no plans to buy a home any time soon. Mostly, because they cannot afford to break into the housing market.

“Homeownership rates among Americans under age 35 are barely more than half the national number, at just 34.1 percent” according to The Washington Post (link). However, even though most millennials ages 24-35 years are renting or still living at home, most are still in pursuit of the “American Dream” – homeownership. Millennials still want to buy and own their own homes just as the generations before us have.

But, should this still be the “American Dream”?

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