Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone is getting sometime this week to enjoy friends, family, and good food!

This is my favorite time of year (cliché I know!). And, it is not because of gifts and presents.

It’s because people tend to be more reflective, thankful, giving and gracious. Characteristics I wish more people would carry throughout the year, instead of just for a few weeks.

I want people to realize how good we have it. Continue reading “Being Thankful”


The 12 Month Money Saving Challenge

Money Challenges


I love money savings challenges! They turn the challenge of saving more money into a fun activity for both adults and kids.

If you perform a quick Pinterest search, you can find dozens of them!

I had to “steal” and show off this one by Cassie Werner. Not only is it teaching you to save money, but it really hits on what I think are other important points such as healthy living, healthy eating, green living, buying less and spending less time in front of a TV/computer!


Every month is a new challenge, so it doesn’t get boring only a few weeks in! Continue reading “The 12 Month Money Saving Challenge”

Introducing Charitable Giving Through Betterment

Charitable Giving


I grew up in a largely Catholic family. I may not be very religious now, but one of the principles that I was taught growing up that has stuck has been charitable giving.

I wholeheartedly believe in donating my time and money to charities and organizations that I believe in.

With the holidays upon us, this is usually the time I rev up my donations to help charities reach more of those in need. At this time of year, I usually end up reflecting on the past 11 to 12 months and truly recognize how thankful I should be (and am) for the life I have and my overall good fortune.

And, for investors during 2017 the fortune has been good!

I want to spread that good fortune to others, and I am glad that companies like Betterment share in these values! Continue reading “Introducing Charitable Giving Through Betterment”

Credit Hack: How to Check Your Credit Reports For Free More then Once A Year

The Equifax Breach


In light of the recent and disastrous (for us!) Equifax breach, I hope you have all learned the importance of regularly checking your credit reports!

If you haven’t not done this recently (or ever), you need to do so now. Checking your credit report is actually pretty easy and can be done online in just a few minutes. Continue reading “Credit Hack: How to Check Your Credit Reports For Free More then Once A Year”