2017 Financial Goals Check-In

Hi all! I am back. Sorry for the long wait for new content!

I decided to start off with a goals check-in. I originally posted about my financial goals for this year back in April that you can read here.


My Goals:


  1. Max out my IRA: I was off to a poor start earlier this year on this goal. Even though, I have maxed out my IRA every year since 2014. I have stepped up my game again to max out my Roth IRA this year and I am due to max it out before December. (FYI: You have until April 2018 to max out your 2017 IRA.)

  2. Increase my 401k contributions: I have increased my contributions to 8%. My goal for this year is to get to 10%. My company matches me at 4%.

  3. Increase my contributions to my Betterment Taxable Account: I have set-up automatic payments every other week (corresponding with payday) to transfer money into my Betterment IRA and taxable accounts. In truth, this is the easiest way to build wealth in my opinion: Pay yourself first! Set-up automatic, reoccurring transfers and deposits into savings and investments. Find the extra money and then transfer it before you get a chance to spend it.

  4. Increase my savings rate to 50%: I think I need to increase this goal to 60%, since I am averaging 50% savings every month since April. You can read more about how I save extra money each month and achieve this lofty goal here.

  5. Continue to “detach” myself from “stuff”: Surprisingly, I have made 3 trips to Goodwill since April. Just when I think I have pared down a lot as it is, I find more stuff lying around my house that I don’t need and it gets boxed up and sent to Goodwill for donation. I even need to make another trip this week or next. Finding and exploring my inner minimalist has helped me find happiness and save money.

  6. DIY My kitchen countertops: So, I have not done this yet. I, instead painted my kitchen cabinets and they turned out great! I still need to do something with the brown, laminate countertops.


  7. Create a second income stream: I am still working on this. With my blog, I have earned a whopping $36.68 in advertising and affiliate links since April.

  8. Epic fail: I killed my vegetable garden, and a few flowers too. I have come to the sad understanding that I don’t have a green thumb.



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Lara is a registered nurse, living near Denver, Colorado. She has a passion for personal finance and strives to find financial security and independence while integrating minimalism and green living.


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