2017 Financial Goals Check-In

Hi all! I am back. Sorry for the long wait for new content!

I decided to start off with a goals check-in. I originally posted about my financial goals for this year back in April that you can read here.


My Goals:


  1. Max out my IRA: I was off to a poor start earlier this year on this goal. Even though, I have maxed out my IRA every year since 2014. I have stepped up my game again to max out my Roth IRA this year and I am due to max it out before December. (FYI: You have until April 2018 to max out your 2017 IRA.)

  2. Increase my 401k contributions: I have increased my contributions to 8%. My goal for this year is to get to 10%. My company matches me at 4%.

  3. Increase my contributions to investment accounts: I have set-up automatic payments every other week (corresponding with payday) to transfer money into my IRA and taxable accounts. In truth, this is the easiest way to build wealth in my opinion: Pay yourself first! Set-up automatic, reoccurring transfers and deposits into savings and investments. Find the extra money and then transfer it before you get a chance to spend it.

  4. Increase my savings rate to 50%: I think I need to increase this goal to 60%, since I am averaging 50% savings every month since April. You can read more about how I save extra money each month and achieve this lofty goal here.

  5. Continue to “detach” myself from “stuff”: Surprisingly, I have made 3 trips to Goodwill since April. Just when I think I have pared down a lot as it is, I find more stuff lying around my house that I don’t need and it gets boxed up and sent to Goodwill for donation. I even need to make another trip this week or next. Finding and exploring my inner minimalist has helped me find happiness and save money.

  6. DIY My kitchen countertops: So, I have not done this yet. I, instead painted my kitchen cabinets and they turned out great! I still need to do something with the brown, laminate countertops. I used Giani Nuvo cabinent paint and I highly recommend it!


  7. Create a second income stream: I am still working on this. With my blog, I have earned a whopping $36.68 in advertising and affiliate links since April.

  8. Epic fail: I killed my vegetable garden, and a few flowers too. I have come to the sad understanding that I don’t have a green thumb.



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2 Replies to “2017 Financial Goals Check-In”

  1. Very, very impressive. Way to make a plan and back-test your plan. You seem well on your way to success. Ever given thought to contributing only what the company will match and than keep the difference in a Betterment account or other liquid account.

    Reason I ask, being liquid is truly what may define financial independence. At least, I am finding this is so.

    1. Thanks!

      And, yes! At this point, I am putting a little bit more money each month into my Betterment accounts than my 401K.

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